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The Foothill Intergroup was formed on February 13, 1978 and serves meetings in the Los Angeles area communities of Pasadena, Glendale, Alhambra, Arcadia, Altadena, Atwater Village, Burbank, Eagle Rock, El Monte, La Crescenta, Monrovia, Monterey Park, Sierra Madre, San Gabriel, and Temple City. (Other intergroups in the area include Los Angeles , San Fernando ValleySan Gabriel Valley/Inland Empire and Orange County.)


As of September 24th, 2018, our intergroup business meeting is held on the last MONDAY of every month at 7:00 PM at Neighborhood Church, 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91103. OA business in our area is discussed at that time, and all OA members are welcome to attend.


(2/5/19: new service positions to be updated soon!)



Greetings from your World Service Conference Delegate! (June 2017)

The OA Foothill Intergroup sends a delegate (and sometimes two delegates) to our fellowship’s World Service Business Conference (WSBC) each year and I had the privilege again this year to be that delegate. I am so grateful to all of you for entrusting me with this opportunity. Giving service at any level – meeting, Intergroup, Region or World Service – is so important to an individual’s recovery and this experience has been so helpful to mine. In return for your trust in me, I am delighted to give you a brief report about this year’s conference.

This year the conference had 186 eligible voters from 21 countries around the world. An eligible voter is a delegate who has been elected to represent their Intergroup or Region. A delegate serves as a voice in decision making for matters important to our fellowship on behalf of those who sent him or her. Both times that I have attended this event, I felt so honored to be representing the members of Foothill Intergroup. It is an unforgettable experience to be surrounded by OA fellowship and people who are so dedicated to recovery and service to OA for five whole days!

The theme for this year was “Growing OA Unity Worldwide”. We began each business session with familiar OA prayers recited in languages which were native to the delegates in attendance. Other than English, some of the other languages were Spanish, Greek, Hebrew and Norwegian. In addition to voting for some minor changes in our Bylaws, we also vote on many different motions which members present to our Board of Trustees during the year. Some get adopted and some fail. One such motion that was adopted this year was a motion to implement a Spanish Speaking Service Board. We also voted to adopt a special translation fund where members who wish to could make a donation specifically for the purpose of translating our literature from English to many other languages. This will be so important to our purpose of Growing OA Unity Worldwide, and extending our hand to all who still suffer all around the world.

Each year there are literature proposals which come before the WSBC for consideration. Last year the new “12 Step Workshop and Study Guide” was approved and it has been very popular amongst our fellowship and has already become a best seller. This year we approved an updated version of “The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous”, and an updated version of the pamphlet, “Maintaining A Healthy Weight” now to be called, “Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight”. Did you know it is OA policy to review each piece of our literature every 10 years? Not everything needs updating, but if the Conference Approved Literature Committee determines it does, then a subcommittee will review and edit it, and then it goes before the WSBC for final approval before publication. It is always challenging to get this approval and sometimes it takes many tries at editing and many years for the process to be complete.

Once the conference is over, a delegate’s work is not finished. Each delegate is assigned to a committee. Last year I was on the literature committee. My subcommittee met by conference call many times during this past year to work on a pocket guide which is on the subject of OA’s 12 Concepts of Service. This was not an update, but a new piece of literature. Since it is a short document, we were able to complete the writing process within the year and it was up for approval at this conference. The document was not approved and was sent back to committee for further editing. The subcommittee will work on the rewrites and submit it for consideration at next year’s conference.

This year I will serve on the 12th Step Within Committee. I was chosen to be the chair of one of the subcommittees and we are working on creating a Twelfth Step Within Workshop Mentor Committee. Our purpose will be to assist groups with creating and implementing workshops for their OA groups which focus on the 12th Step Within concept. (The 12th step is to carry the message, and the idea of the 12th Step Within is to reach out to members who may be in relapse or who have not attended meetings in a while.) In my committee there are members from England and New Zealand as well as across the United States. Conference calls will have to be carefully planned in order to reach everyone in all those different time zones! But it is exciting to be part of “Growing OA Unity Worldwide” in this way.

Another piece of business at the WSBC is to elect new Trustees to our board. We have 10 regions around the world and each region has a Trustee. In addition there are General Service Trustees who can come from any region and whose job is to serve wherever there is a need. For example, some of your General Service Trustees worked on the literature committee last year to help complete the daunting task of editing the new edition of “The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous”. This year there were two Trustees who ran for their positions unopposed and were voted in for two year terms. They are Cyndy Lenz of Region 4, and Karen Beck of Region 7. Three people were elected into the General Service Trustee positions. They are Lawrie Cerniack from Manitoba, Canada, Joanne MacDonald from Falcon, Colorado and Ron Pellerin also from Canada.

While there, the delegates also have opportunities to attend meetings and workshops. One of the workshops I attended was called, “Amazing Recovery: Passport to Unity”. Many members from different parts of the world visited our table and gave us passport stamps as though we had visited that aspect of recovery. Some of the topics were: Long Term Recovery, Binger, Nontraditional Higher Power, Bariatric Surgery, 90 Day Format and many others. It was informative and fun. On each page of the passport there were questions to write about such as, some qualities I share with this person are…, This person’s recovery strengthens mine because…, I am able to identify because… This workshop format worked very well and everyone learned a lot.

I am so grateful to be a delegate to the WSBC and to have the experience of attending a conference which reflects the love and service so important to our fellowship and to my individual recovery. Our Intergroup is blessed to be able to send delegates to each WSBC where we can have a voice in the collective conscience of our whole fellowship. If you have any questions about any of the specific amendments or about WSBC in general, I will be happy to talk with you. Feel free to call me at 818-679-7511. Once again, thank you for letting me be of service.

Yours in Fellowship,



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