Please note the new day and location of our intergroup meetings:

As of September 24th, 2018, our intergroup business meeting is held on the last MONDAY of every month at 7:00 PM at Neighborhood Church, 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91103. OA business in our area is discussed at that time, and all OA members are welcome to attend.

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WORKSHOP: ABC’s of Abstinence


October 20, 2018

10am – 4 pm

WHERE: SGVIE OA Meeting Room 1157 East Arrow Hwy #4  * Glendora, CA 91740
COST: $15 (No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)

QUESTIONS? CALL (626) 335-3355

Click here for ABC’s of Abstinence flyer and PRE-REGISTRATION INFORMATION!

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What Does the Doctor’s Opinion Mean for Overeaters Anonymous?

Sat, Oct 27

10:00 am4:00 pm

WHERE: Brentwood Presbyterian Church * 12000 San Vicente Blvd * Los Angeles, CA 90049


Check-in: Begins at 9:30am
Cost: Pre-registration rate $10.00 or at the door $12.00

There will be a lunch break. There are plenty of places to eat within walking distance or feel free to bring your own lunch. Bring your Big Book and pens or pencils to write with and notebook/paper to write on.

Questions? Email Courtney S. at

OA Women's Retreat

When: November 2-4, 2018
Where: Holy Spirit Retreat Center, 4316 Lanai Rd, Encino
What: A retreat to share experience, strength and hope with other women in OA
Cost: $200. Non-refundable Deposit of $100. Balance due Oct. 17
Register: Yes, please see details on the flyer
For More Info:  ME (805) 791-6160 or Casey (818) 200-9530

Click here for Women’s Retreat flyer!

Are you a Compulsive Overeater?

You are not alone

Now that you have found Overeaters Anonymous, you may want to make sure our program is right for you. Many of us have found it useful to answer the following questions to help determine if we have a problem with compulsive eating.

Fifteen Questions

  1. Do I eat when I’m not hungry, or not eat when my body needs nourishment?

    Yes No
  2. Do I go on eating binges for no apparent reason, sometimes eating until I’m stuffed or even feel sick?

    Yes No
  3. Do I have feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment about my weight or the way I eat?

    Yes No
  4. Do I eat sensibly in front of others and then make up for it when I am alone?

    Yes No
  5. Is my eating affecting my health or the way I live my life?

    Yes No
  6. When my emotions are intense — whether positive or negative — do I find myself reaching for food?

    Yes No
  7. Do my eating behaviors make me or others unhappy?

    Yes No
  8. Have I ever used laxatives, vomiting, diuretics, excessive exercise, diet pills, shots or other medical interventions (including surgery) to try to control my weight?

    Yes No
  9. Do I fast or severely restrict my food intake to control my weight?

    Yes No
  10. Do I fantasize about how much better life would be if I were a different size or weight?

    Yes No
  11. Do I need to chew or have something in my mouth all the time: food, gum, mints, candies or beverages?

    Yes No
  12. Have I ever eaten food that is burned, frozen or spoiled; from containers in the grocery store; or out of the garbage?

    Yes No
  13. Are there certain foods I can’t stop eating after having the first bite?

    Yes No
  14. Have I lost weight with a diet or “period of control” only to be followed by bouts of uncontrolled eating and/or weight gain?

    Yes No
  15. Do I spend too much time thinking about food, arguing with myself about whether or what to eat, planning the next diet or exercise cure, or counting calories?

    Yes No

Have you answered “yes” to several of these questions? If so, it is possible that you have, or are well on your way to having, a compulsive eating or overeating problem. 

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